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Velodyne Acoustics products can be found in well-stocked specialist dealers. We carefully select “our” dealers according to competence and demonstration criteria, as it is important to us that you receive not only the best possible presentation but also the best possible advice. However, Velodyne Acoustics subwoofers for the entry-level range can also be purchased directly online.

Of course you can. It is very important to us that you, as a customer or interested person, receive the best possible service – and of course also by telephone. Our service staff have been with the company for many years and are excellently trained – they will be happy to help you with their knowledge.

Please use our service form to order the spare part. We try to keep the most important spare parts in stock for years to come, so that you can enjoy your product for a long time. Currently we even stock spare parts for products that we introduced 20 years ago.

Velodyne Acoustics has a German-American history: the company was founded in Silicon Valley, but is now a true Hanseatic – i.e. at home in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. The company’s headquarters are located near the airport and include product development, test studios, a service centre and logistics.

We would be happy to support you with detailed information for project planning. Please contact our head office in the first step, you will be forwarded directly to the appropriate contact person from there.

You will find comprehensive product advice on this website, and you can also call our service number +49 (0)40 238 307 880 for further information. Your Velodyne Acoustics dealer will also be happy to advise you.

Please use the product archive for your research. You can also find old manuals and product information under Service: Manuals & Downloads.

Our calibration system has been designed for the subwoofer – and thus the challenges in the low frequency range. It allows the subwoofer to be optimally adjusted to the room. This optimises the low-frequency range alone, so you can enjoy music, films and games more.

The Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee does indeed offer so much power in such a small space that it can even bounce. But as a play partner for music, film or games, it stays in place even at high levels.

Our subwoofers for demanding users allow a lot of detailed settings. In addition, they have an elaborately designed calibration system. In short: a lot of data that can be optimally displayed on a large screen. With the SubController App, we have created a user interface that allows you to control and adjust all settings. Please note that the Velodyne Acoustics SubController App is currently only compatible with selected products.


Before Seeking service for your amplifier or subwoofer; please re-check all systems.
Following is a simple troubleshooting guide to assist you.

  • Verify that the unit is plugged in and power outlet used is active.
  • Is the power switch on?
  • Is the unit receiving an input signal from your source?
  • Have all controls (volume, crossover, phase, etc.) been properly set?
  • If the unit has been running at high levels, one of the protection circuits may be engaged.
  • Has the power button been depressed on the remote?
  • Make sure binding posts are tightened.
  • Verify the subwoofer can produce sound. A good way to test this is to press 3-2-1 on the remote control while pointing it at the IR sensor on the subwoofer. The woofer should play the sweep tone used for Self-EQ.

If the protection circuitry is active, the unit may cycle on and off until operating parameters return to normal. Under more serious conditions, the unit may shut off completely. Normal operation should return upon cooling, but you may be required to turn the power off and then on again to reset the unit.

  • Increase the subwoofer’s VOLUME level.
  • Increase the receiver’s LFE or SUB OUT volume level, if it is adjustable.
  • Put the subwoofer closer to a corner of your room.

The subwoofer may have shut down due to the protective circuit.

  • Reduce the volume setting; or
  • Shut the subwoofer off until normal operating conditions return.

The following conditions require service by a qualified technician:

  • The power cord has become damaged.
  • The unit does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performance.
  • The unit has been exposed to water.
  • Some part of the chassis or circuitry is physically damaged.
  • The cabinet has been dropped or is damaged.

Good reasons to store your Velodyne Acoustics product packaging:

  • Save the carton and packing materials for future use. Using other packaging for this, your unit may result in severe damage when shipping or moving. You can utilize the existing Velodyne Acoustics packaging should you ever need to move/relocate the units or return the subwoofer to Velodyne Acoustics for service.
  • To save storage space, you can flatten the box and put the other packing material in a plastic bag.

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